How to get Registration from Regulator

Operating License submission is:

  • Submitting a Request for Recomendation to the Regulator.
  • After the Recomendation Letter received, submit an Application for Operating Permit to Dirjenhubud (The Directorate General of Civil Aviation).
  • After the Operating Permit received from Dirjenhubud, operators must coordinate with local regulators every time they want to carry out flights.

The regulator is vary depends on different condition:

  • If the location is in the civil air space, whether ATZ, CTR, or TMA, then the regulator is LPPNPI Airnav.
  • If the location is in restricted or prohibited airspace, the regulator is the Indonesian Air Force.

What needs to be prepared when applying for an operating permit is the Activity Plan refers to PM 180 Tahun 2015 (Ministry Regulation Np. 180/2015) Article 3.11 and Article 3.12.

UU No.1 Tahun 2009 (Act No. 1/2009) concerning Aviation

  • Article 4 (a)
    • This law applies to all uses of airspace ... aircraft ... in the territory of the Republic of Indonesia
  • Article 308 (1)
    • The minister is responsible for national aviation safety

Proposed revision of Act No.1/2009: Adding Chapter VIII to the Ninth Section - Unmanned Aircraft Systems.